Best Places to Visit in Bedford, Pennsylvania

Olde Bedford Village

The archeological site of Bedford Village is located in central Bedford County, Pennsylvania, just north of the town of Bedford. The site is the former site of a Monongahela culture village. Today, it is an open-air museum. If you’re looking for something different to do in Bedford, Pennsylvania, you might want to consider taking a trip to the Bedford Village Archeological Site.

The museum displays a variety of artifacts and other historic items. You can view quilts, lace, blacksmith tools, and a variety of other handicrafts. You can also see demonstrations of blacksmithing, coopering, and spinning. The Olde Bedford Village also has an ice cream parlor and penny candies. The museum is a great place to get a history lesson while enjoying some tasty treats.

Whether you are looking for a family outing or an adventure, you’ll never find a better way to spend your weekend in Bedford than at one of its many attractions. The town’s diverse art, culture, and history are all reflected in the town’s many attractions and activities. There are many ways to enjoy outdoor recreation in this part of Pennsylvania, from relaxing springs to enjoying Pennsylvania’s highest ski resort.

Olde Bedford Village is another popular place to visit in Bedford, Pennsylvania. It is a museum with more than forty buildings that offer a glimpse into life in the early days. The museum’s octagonal schoolhouse, broom shop, and village press are all located here, and the museum also hosts a Civil War Reenactment. Visitors can try their hand at colonial crafts, attend a murder mystery party, or even try out a horse and buggy ride.

Davey Lewis’ Cave

If you’re looking for a unique vacation destination, consider heading to Bedford, Pennsylvania. The city is filled with small shops and restaurants with a wide variety of items, services, and entertainment. There’s even a Farmer’s Market with fresh produce and homemade treats.

Located on the Omni Bedford Springs Hotel property, Davey Lewis’ Cave is a popular place to explore the local geology. The cave features incredible calcite formations and beautiful stone formations. Visitors can even take pictures of the natural formations while exploring. It’s open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 11pm, and Sundays are open until 8pm.

Another great attraction in Bedford, Pennsylvania is the National Museum of the American Coverlet. It’s located right next to the Bedford State Park. This museum has several pieces that showcase the American Coverlet and its history. You can also see the Big Coffee Pot, which was constructed by David Berton in 1927. This massive pot is 18 feet high and 22 feet tall and was covered in sheet metal. Its shape mimics that of a kitchen utensil, and visitors can see why it’s a popular attraction in the area.

Another unique attraction in the area is the Olde Bedford Brewing Company, which opened in 2018. The brewery features a wide variety of brews and even hosts some events. Drinks like Not Your Average Joe, River Mountain Amber Ale, and Rebellion Irish Red Ale are available here. The brewery is open Wednesday and Thursday from 4-8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm, and is located right in downtown Bedford.

Olde Bedford Brewing Company

Olde Bedford Brewing Company is a craft brewery that opened in March 2018. The owner, Dave Dawson, has been brewing for about six years. He started small with a homebrew kit and gradually upgraded to a larger system with four 150-gallon fermenters. His brewery shares the same location as Fat Jimmy’s Outfitters, so it was easy to find space for expansion. The Dawsons hope to incorporate the town’s history and businesses as the brewery grows.

If you’re in the mood for a beer or two, Olde Bedford Brewing Company is the place to go. Its beer is locally brewed and made with spring water and hops grown in the mountains of Bedford County. The brewery is open to the public, so you can enjoy a beer and some delicious treats all day long.

The Olde Bedford Brewing Company opened its doors in 2018, so if you’re visiting the area, you can try their selection of beers. The brewery also offers a number of events throughout the year. For example, there’s an Oktoberfest celebration, and the company offers smoked barbecue and food trucks. You can also enjoy live music and good company. You can also purchase souvenir tasting glasses or event t-shirts to commemorate your visit.

Besides brewing delicious beers, Olde Bedford Brewing Company also provides a tour of the brewery. It is located on a historic farm that is over a century old. David Heller’s parents purchased the property in the 1970s and used it for raising beef cattle and horses. The name of the brewery is a tribute to his parents. Each of the beer produced by Olde Bedford Brewing Company tells the history of the area and incorporates local ingredients.

Olde Bedford Speedway

Olde Bedford Speedway is one of the oldest and most popular places to visit in Bedford, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1896 and was operated by Jim Leidy, a dairy farmer from New Enterprise and former racing driver. The track held late model and restricted late model races on Friday nights and featured the likes of Rick Eckert and Tom Clise. The racetrack closed in 1979, but it still attracts many visitors from around the world.

The racetrack first held a race in 1936 and was a huge success for the residents and local businessmen. Eventually, the track received national attention when Mario Andretti raced there in 1960. Several other driving legends have also raced at the track over the last 85 years. Now, the track’s officials are working to preserve the history of the track and keep it alive. To accomplish this goal, they are building a $4 million facility that will house a museum dedicated to the history of the track and local drivers.

If you are looking for a place to eat, the town of Bedford has a wide variety of restaurants. The Horn O Plenty Restaurant offers an array of locally sourced foods and uses a wood-fired oven to produce its delectable food. Another popular place to eat in the town is the Jean Bonnet Tavern, a landmark stone building that dates back to the 1760s. Another place to stay in Bedford is the Golden Eagle Inn, a restored hotel with onsite dining. It is located in an historic building and is easy to access attractions around the city.

Jean Bonnet Tavern

The Jean Bonnet Tavern is located in Bedford, Pennsylvania, and is a popular tourist destination because of its unique history and tasty food. It is a historic building dating back to the early 1700s, and was once a major Shawnee trade route. The tavern later fell under French control and served as a French fort. This historic landmark is also said to have a haunted history, and there have been several documented ghost sightings here.

If you’re traveling by car, make sure to stop at the Jean Bonnet Tavern for some tasty food and a good drink. It’s located just outside of town on Pennsylvania Route 31 and U.S. Highway 30. You can also drive past the building on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The building dates back to the 1700s and was built by Robert Callender, a trader with the native American tribes of Pennsylvania.

Jean Bonnet Tavern is a local favorite that features a full bar, a sports bar, and a restaurant. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, and the staff is friendly. The menu features regional favorites like chicken, beef, and crab cakes. The beer selection is extensive and most is Pennsylvania-made.

The town of Bedford is nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains and has many historical attractions. The town is also the site of the famous Whiskey Rebellion. You can visit the remains of the rebels as well as wineries and restaurants in the area. The town’s history and local whiskey make it one of the best places to visit in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Fort Bedford Museum

Fort Bedford was a British military fortification built during the French and Indian War. It was a star-shaped log fortress that was erected in the summer of 1758. Today, visitors can see and experience the fort’s history.

It is located in the town of Bedford. You can tour the museum’s visitor center and Memorial Plaza. Visiting the museum will help you understand what life was like for the citizens of Bedford County in the early 1800s. The Museum also hosts regular events. The visitors will have the opportunity to attend live performances and learn about the community’s history.

If you’re looking for a place to stay during your visit to Bedford, consider staying at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort and Spa. The resort’s rooms are luxurious and have modern amenities. You’ll find flat-screen TVs and mini-fridges in the guest rooms, while suites feature separate living rooms and kitchens. The property spans over two hundred acres of lush countryside. The hotel also has a popular golf course and spa.

Another excellent place to visit in Bedford, Pennsylvania is the Fort Bedford Museum. This historic fort was built during the French and Indian War. It was constructed by British soldiers under the command of Colonel Henry Bouquet. The museum contains hundreds of artifacts and a replica of Fort Bedford.

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