The Best Toy Organization Ideas For Your Home

Toy organization ideas aren’t just limited to storing your child’s playthings. There are many different ways to utilize empty space in your home, including using hooks to hang dress-up clothes and floating shelves to display dolls without a dollhouse. Taking advantage of height can also keep smaller toys out of reach of younger children. In addition to preventing small toys from getting out of control, this method is a great way to incorporate creative interior design concepts into your space.

IKEA spice racks

Spice racks from IKEA can be used to organize all kinds of items. They are not only useful for storing spices, but they can also be used for storing water glass holders or pegboards. You can create your own desk organizers from spice racks, or you can find ideas on how to use them in the nursery. Add some stuffed animals, wall hangings, or favorite books and you’ve got a winning combination!

If you want to create a special reading spot for your child, you can buy a budget-friendly version of an IKEA spice rack. You can place an expedite near a window to create the perfect reading corner. If you’re working with a small budget, a spice rack can double as a desk or a reading corner.

Another use for spice racks is as a clothes hanger. If your child doesn’t like the idea of putting all of his or her toys in a dresser, try using an IKEA spice rack as an alternative. You can even paint it to match the colour scheme of your office or wall.

Fold-down desks

Fold-down desks are a great way to keep your toys organized. They also allow you to conserve space in your home. A fold-down desk looks like a drop-leaf table and folds down when not in use. This is a great solution for a family with multiple children. Fold-down desks are also great for a shared apartment or a home with multiple employees.

Fold-down desks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Stow-away desks are made with mostly metal material, but they can also have a wood surface area. This type of desk is great for small spaces, and is especially beneficial for those with limited mobility.

Another great option is a fold-down wall desk. This desk can be used for other purposes when not in use. It includes a small drawer to store small objects. DIY Huntress has more details about this style of desk.

Cube shelving units

Cube shelving units are an excellent option for organizing toys and other toys. Their large, flat surfaces and flexible dividers are ideal for storage and can be painted to match a room’s color scheme. Another great advantage of cubbies is that they can be used to display trinkets and family photos. These shelves are also versatile enough to function as window seats and benches.

These shelves can also be used for storing art objects, figurine collections, and other objects. They can also be used as wall art, creating a unique and personal nook. You can even buy colorful storage cubes, such as those from Kartell. These cubes are made of textured plastic, and they look great on display. They can hold anything from antique collectibles to shoes, and the different colors add an accent to the interior.

A cube shelf is an excellent solution for homes with limited space. Cube shelves can be found at many big-box stores. They’re inexpensive and come with cubes in different colors. When using cube shelves, it’s best to place bigger items on the top so they are more easily accessible.

Plastic vegetable racks

Vegetable racks are an affordable toy storage solution that stacks off the floor, keeping toys out of the way. They also make it easy to see what your child is playing with. You can assign each rack a specific toy. This will make it easy to remove the toys from each rack during playtime.

Rolling chests

Rolling chests are an effective solution for toy storage. They contain multiple drawers and open shelves for storage. These storage solutions are ideal for storing small toys, action figures, and larger items like musical instruments. You can find these storage solutions in a variety of styles and sizes.

Rolling chests offer more than just toy storage. These storage solutions double as extra seating when not in use. They are a great solution for areas with limited floor space. The best part is that they can be easily hidden behind a couch or in a corner. They can be rolled out and stowed in a closet if necessary.

A child’s toy collection can quickly become overwhelming if they are not properly organized. Many toys end up scattered throughout the house. Toy storage solutions are a great way to make sure that children know where to place their toys when they finish with them. This will prevent issues such as missing pieces or toy wrestling.

Drawstring bags

One of the best toy organization ideas is to reuse old drawstring bags. Put building blocks and LEGOS in one, and small toys and odds and ends in another. Then use a hook to hang the bags. Knitted or crocheted toy storage bags are also a great solution. Using large needles and thick twine, you can make washable toy storage bags.

Before sewing, fold the short side inwards by about a centimeter. Then place the lining piece on top. Sew the edges of the lining piece together, and then sew the top edge of the drawstring piece. Make sure to leave about a four-inch gap for the drawstring.

Drawstring bags can also be used for storing dirty laundry. They are easy to pack, and many of them have zippered front pockets or mesh side pockets for storing water bottles. They are great for athletes who need to carry their gear when playing. They can also use them to carry their baseball mitts, shin guards, or knee pads.

Cart crates

If you are looking for a way to store your kids’ toys without taking up a lot of space, consider crates. These containers are ideal for storing toys and are also versatile. You can paint them in fun colors and stack them vertically to create modular shelving units. You can also use crates that are different colors and sizes.

You can also use smaller storage containers for storing tiny toys. They are a great space-saver, and they can be tossed into larger storage bins without crowding the room. You can also use nesting baskets or decorative boxes to sort small toys.

Toys can be a major source of clutter and a mess. Many children don’t understand where they should put their toys, so they are prone to scattering them around the house. If you have a toy storage system in place, kids will learn where to put their toys. This will help prevent the frustration of missing pieces and toy wrestling.

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